Easy Composite Veneers in Under 1 Hour

Consultation And Impression Appointment

At your initial consultation appointment, your dentist will help you decide the best course of treatment to fulfill your specific needs. Your dentist will take molds of your teeth which are then sent to the Provánce® dental laboratory. There, skilled dental technicians will create three dimensional models of your teeth, design your new smile, and fabricate special preview and final Provánce® matrixes.

Optional- Preview Appointment

At the Provánce®  preview try-in appointment, the dentist will fill a preview matrix --that duplicates your proposed new tooth design-- with a temporary material. The matrix is placed over your teeth for approximately three minutes to allow the new shape of your teeth to form. Once the matrix is removed from your mouth, a temporary version of your proposed new smile remains for your review and approval. 

Placement Appointment

At the Provánce®  Composite Veneer placement appointment, your dentist will fill a final matrix --that three dimensionally duplicates the final version of your new tooth design-- with a special composite. The matrix is placed over your teeth and special lights are used to harden and permanently bond the composite to your existing teeth. The matrix will then be removed from your mouth, and your new smile will be cleaned and polished.